NL-1405 Bacterial Enzyme Deodorant – This concentrated formula contains selected strains of natural bacteria and enzymes. These special strains of bacteria are extremely efficient at liquefying and digesting organic waste, and eliminating malodors. Regular use establishes growing colonies of these bacteria that work around the clock to keep plumbing lines and septic systems operating properly. They crowd out and displace undesirable bacteria to eliminate odors on kitchen and bathroom surfaces, rugs, and carpets too! Do not mix NL 1405 with any other chemicals or products as this will harm the natural bacteria contain in this product.

For Control of Surface Odors caused by spoiled food, vomit, urine, feces or other organic spills, wet the surface with a heavy mist and brush into material, Severe odors may require daily treatment for up to 10 days. This product may be used on all water safe surfaces, Including tile, wood, vinyl, porcelain, concrete, metal, and painted surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms. Also  for rugs, carpets, padding and other fabrics.

Uses: Grease Traps, Septic Tanks, Wet Wells and drain Fields, Pit Toilets and for control of Surface Odors.

Price: 4 quarts for $24

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