About us

Welcome to Northland Manufacturing!

Northland Manufacturing has provided businesses, governments and the general public with top quality cleaning chemicals, janitorial supplies, and floor equipment throughout Northern Florida and Southern Georgia.  We strive to provide exceptional and exemplary customer service as well as products that keep our customers coming back for more.

We are a second generation family-owned and operated business that takes pride in giving small business service with a big business selection.  Our salespersons can custom design a solution for your specific cleaning needs, and our advanced cleaning products and equipment can restore any part of your home or business to its original condition.  Our facilities, both the retail showroom and manufacturing plant, are located in Tallahassee, FL, and we invite you to come for a visit.

Northland Manufacturing Online Resources

Northland Manufacturing is pleased to be able to provide a variety of useful online resources that explain procedures for using many of our products. Just click on the link below to view the document (Adobe Acrobat Reader required).

1. How to Strip Floors (click here)

Purpose: To remove a floor finish (wax) when any of the following occurs:

  • the color begins to turn
  • the finish begins to build up
  • mopping, spray buffing or re-waxing does not give the results desired

2. How to Finish Floors (click here)

Purpose: To finish the floor by filling the pores of a new floor or of an old porous floor which has been stripped.

3. How to Buff and Polish Floors

Purpose: To improve the attractiveness of the floor’s surface by increasing the gloss.

4. How to Spray Buff Floors (click here)

Purpose: To maintain the floor’s appearance and cleanliness without having to wet scrub or wet strip. Spray buffing picks up dead finish and dirt, replacing it with a spray buff solution. It also levels and fills scratches and reduces the need for stripping.

5. How to Care for Floor Pads, Mops and Buckets (click here)

Purpose: To provide helpful hints about caring for floor pads, mops and buckets. By following these hints the custodian can extend the useful life of many of the tools and supplies used in her/his work.

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